Welcome to Grizzelda's of ts2creations! Grizzelda is a Wonderful Sims2 Body Mesh Artist!


Note: At least one recolor is required for a Body Mesh to show up in your game.

Note:   More Recolors of Grizzelda's Meshes can be found at Linda's Sims2 Downloads: HERE


For those of you who make your own Body Meshes and would like to know how to add Alpha Parts to the Mesh, see Grizzelda's new Tutorial HERE !


Meshes for Adults




Download  mesh_lcmslimcaprishoe








Download  mesh_lcmVampirella








Download  mesh_lcmcurvyslacks








Download  mesh_lcmballgown








Download  mesh_lcmplumpformal








Download  mesh_lcmcurvynude032506









Download  mesh_lcmteadress030406








Download  mesh_lcmbabydolls






Download  mesh_lcmafformal111406














Download  mesh_lcmtfsleeves










Download  mesh_lcmtfsheertop








Download  mesh_lcmtfpjs042906












Download  mesh_lcmgilf070106












Download  mesh_lcmgirlsleeves







Download  mesh_afjumpsuit031007








Download  mesh_lcmafelf2006








Download  mesh_lcmsupercurvy








Download  mesh_lcmsheer012306








Download  mesh_lcmplumpsassyredux








Download  mesh_lcmprincesstops072106









Download  mesh_lcmsuesknee








Download  mesh_lcmruffledpanties







































Meshes for Teens




Download  mesh_lcmtfsleeves










Download  mesh_lcmtfslacks








































Meshes for Elders




Download  mesh_lcmgrannyknee070106






Meshes for Little Girls



Download  mesh_lcmlittlegirlbells










Download  mesh_lcmslendernude022507








Download  mesh_lcmelfmale12012006








Download  mesh_lcmcurvybeauty








Download  mesh_lcmsheerflounced








Download  mesh_lcmplumpsassy








Download  mesh_lcmlongrobe042906









Download  mesh_lcmtealength








Download  mesh_lcmtappant












































Download  mesh_lcmtfformalflounce


A Special Thank You to Al of SimSkins for his Shoes Mesh







Download  mesh_lcmtfcurvybells010106













































Download  mesh_lcmtightcorset082405


























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